Easy Five Guesthouse under new ownership

Bed and Breakfast somerset west

Your new hosts at Easy Five, Francis and Linda Moran, in a shot taken while they were on Safari in Sabi Sands in 2010.

After more than 10 years of operation by Karin and Siggi Konrad, Easy Five gained new owners in April 2015 when Canadians Linda and Francis Moran purchased the property and the business. The Morans had been scouting guesthouses in South Africa for about two years and fell for Easy Five the first time they saw it. They are delighted to have become owners of this beautiful property.

“We don’t plan any major changes to Easy Five in the immediate future,” said Francis. “Returning guests will find things pretty much the same as in past years. We are new to the business of operating a guesthouse, so we really need to spend our first year learning all about the existing business before deciding where we might want to make changes.”

From Canada to South Africa

Francis and Linda relocated to South Africa from Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Linda was born near Ottawa and has lived there most of her life. Francis was born in western Canada and has lived in many different parts of that country. As a pre-teen and teenager, he lived for five years in Lesotho, where his father worked for the government. During this time, he saw large swaths of South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique. Francis and Linda spent a month in South Africa in late 2010, a trip that rekindled Francis’s affection for this part of the world and clearly awoke something in Linda.

“We love to travel and we love to stay in smaller hotels, bed and breakfasts and independent places,” said Linda. “During our travels, we’d often talk about how we’d one day like to have a little place of our own somewhere. And now we do, right here in Somerset West.”